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    .:Welcoming Spring:.

    It’s the first of May and it’s the first time this year I haven’t been freezing, so I’m going to call it the start of Spring! It’s also the first time…

  • Life Places Style

    .:A Day In Brighton:.

    Another day off found us nipping down to Brighton for the day. We don’t visit enough, so I had a few places stored up where I wanted to go to, Workshop…

  • Life Places Style


    If you’ve followed Almost Apricot for a while, you may have noticed that The Boyfriend has a penchant for classic cars and on this particular occasion, the American Car Day at the Brooklands Museum…

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    .:Berry Red:.

    As soon as the Autumn leaves start to turn, I’m immediately drawn to darker shades and cosy knits. My wardrobe reflects that, changing from a sea of pastel midis to berry…

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    A couple of weeks ago, the Boy and I decided to drive down to Bath for the day as we had taken a few days off from work to recharge. The last time I…

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    So… it’s happened. I’ve joined the ugly shoe club! It’s that whole beautiful ugly shoe debate, but I can’t help but love them? I think the one strap slider looks a…