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.:On The Roof With Q – Selfridges:.

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges

Last Friday, I met my bffΒ after an early finish for a catch up. Since it was the hottest day of the year so far, we decided we wanted to find a rooftop bar to make the most of the sunshine. After a bit of research, we decided we would try the rooftop at Selfridges – On The Roof With Q.

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges

On The Roof With Q - Selfridges.:On The Roof With Q:.

It was around 4pm when we arrived on the rooftop by the designated lift and headed to the bar, not before booking ourselves a table for some dinner later.

Checking out the cocktail menu, I could see the barman making a mojito for someone… the smell of mint on such a hot day got me and I had to order a strawberry one. So nice and refreshing! And with an added stripey paper straw… what more could you want?

The views over London are stunning, but you have to stand to appreciate them as the wall is quite high when you’re sitting down. But then just knowing you’re on a rooftop is pretty cool when it’s so lovely and warm.

We sat down for some food and after ordering a special, I had to reorder as they had ran out, so on the spot, I went for the salt beef, fried egg and crispy pickles in a pretzel bun. It was lovely, pretty hefty in that heat, but I would probably have it again. The bff went for the (small) ribs and demolished them so I think that means they were pretty good! ;-)

It wasn’t too crowded and the atmosphere was pretty chilled. Definitely a good destination rooftop bar if you’re ever in need.

If you guys know of any other cool places, rooftop or not, that are good in the sun, please do let me know!

Hope you’re all having a good week!


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