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.:Indoor Picnic:.

Indoor Picnic

Last weekend, my friends were set to come over to our flat for a visit. I decided to put on a little spread seeing as they were coming around lunchtime and you can’t really leave your guests starving can you!? ;-)

I usually bake something sweet when someone is due to come over at the weekend and as I finished early on the Friday, I decided to bake something savoury too!

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic

Something Sweet – Lemon Drizzle Cake

For the ‘something sweet’, I baked a Lemon Drizzle cake, a safe bet and pretty refreshing due to its zingy taste, even in this heat! I liked the Lemon Drizzle cake recipe on the Waitrose website so I gave it a go. I used quark instead of mascarpone as someone mentioned in the comments and it worked. It tasted fresh, but I might try the mascorpone next time, just to see what’s better.

Something Savoury – Cheese Scones

For the ‘something savoury’ I went for cheese scones. I’d also never made these before and mine didn’t really resemble the classic appearance of a scone, but they tasted good. I found this recipe on the BBC Food website. With the cheese scones, I added cheddar and brie, chutney, grapes and cornichons as well as a little salad and sweet chilli crisps (my fave) for my guests to take their pick.

Drinks – Elderflower Fizz

As a cold beverage, I mixed up an Elderflower Fizz. A refreshing drink that doesn’t need too many ingredients:

Elderflower cordial
Sparkling Water
1 Lemon

In a jug, pour in a good measure of elderflower cordial. Fill the jug up nearly to the top with sparkling water and squeeze in half a lemon. Cut up the other half of the lemon and pop it into the jug along with a handful of mint leaves and ice cubes and then stir. Voila!

It’s nice to have people over as I like to make an effort and it’s an excuse to bake. I think it all went down pretty well! ;-)

What do you whip up for visitors?


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