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.:GBBO Challenge: Olive Bread Swirls:.

GBBO Olive Bread Swirls

Bread week. I was dreading this challenge! I’ve only ever really made a tin loaf and even though it tasted good, it was on the denser side. I’d also never properly kneaded dough before, always opting for the no knead bread recipes so you could say I was a little worried. Having looked on the GBBO website for recipes again, I thought I might have a go at the ciabatta recipe, until I read that you have to let it prove for 6 hours! No wonder some of them looked like pitta breads on the show Mr Hollywood! Instead I trawled my favourite recipe site, BBC Good Food and found this Olive Bread Swirl recipe. So here’s my result…

GBBO Olive Bread Swirls

GBBO Olive Bread Swirls

Not bad for my first attempt at a batch of rolls no? I was pretty pleased anyway! And I quite enjoyed the kneading… felt like I gave my arms a bit of a workout so this bread baking might occur more often! ;-)

They taste nice as well, which is obviously the main thing. We had them for breakfast, slightly toasted with a little butter and a handful of tomatoes. A bonus is that you get a little olive surprise in the middle! The Boyfriend even went for a second one so I think that must mean that they turned out well…

I’m already excited for dessert week! Got a few of my friends at work who hadn’t seen it before to watch it and I’m pretty sure they’re hooked now too!

Have you been trying out any of your own Bake Off challenges?


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    August 25, 2014 at 10:39 am

    These look amazing! Well done making them ;-)) I haven’t tried yet, but so tempted now!

    Bridget @

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