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.:GBBO Challenge: Lemon Butter Biscuits:.

GBBO Lemon Biscuits

I’m cutting it fine for my Bake Off Challenge this week, but I’ve done it! Here are my Lemon Butter Biscuits. This week I didn’t choose a recipe from the GBBO website as none of them really took my fancy out of the ones that are up there. Instead, I googled around as I don’t really ever bake biscuits and found these lemon ones. Seems to be a theme here doesn’t it? Everyone likes lemon though right? ;-)

GBBO Lemon Biscuits

GBBO Lemon Biscuits

GBBO Lemon Biscuits

They were pretty easy apart from that I didn’t read the recipe properly before I started and didn’t anticipate having to rest the dough in the fridge for two hours, so halfway through an episode of Breaking Bad last night at around 9pm I had to pause and run and bake them! 10 minutes in the oven though and voila!

I might be in Norman territory here with the simple recipe, but isn’t simple the best way most of the time? I was a little worried about him not making it through last week, hope he’s upping his game tomorrow!

Have you been watching? Who are you rooting for? Norman all the way for me… I would like to adopt him! ;-)


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