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    .:Waddesdon Manor:.

    First things first: Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas and welcomed in the New Year with friends and family. How it’s 2016 already, I don’t even…

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    .:La Soirée:.

    Last week I was invited to check out Southbank’s new show in town – La Soirée. I’d not heard about it before, but when I mentioned it to my friend, she exclaimed…

  • Life Places Style

    .:A Day In Brighton:.

    Another day off found us nipping down to Brighton for the day. We don’t visit enough, so I had a few places stored up where I wanted to go to, Workshop…

  • Life Places Style

    .:The Palm House:.

    During a couple of days off a little while ago, Paul and I ventured to Kew Gardens, which is one of my favourite places in London. Not only is it a…

  • Life Places Style


    If you’ve followed Almost Apricot for a while, you may have noticed that The Boyfriend has a penchant for classic cars and on this particular occasion, the American Car Day at the Brooklands Museum…

  • Life Places Style


    What an amazing Indian Summer we’re having right now!? Although the manifestation of my second cold is making me think the temperature changes are getting more extreme and the darker evenings…