.:2016 Goals:.

2016 Goals

I know we’re already over a week into January, but I wanted to sum up some goals I would like to achieve this year. 2016 is already shaping up to be an interesting year so here are a few things I’d like to accomplish…

01. Save Save Save

The end of last year saw Paul and I move in with his parents to seriously start saving money to be able to buy our own house. It’s been amazingly kind of his parents to let us do this as it means it gives us the opportunity to save for a deposit a lot quicker than if we kept renting.

Setting up a budget sheet and calculating how much money we can spend on what, is hugely important to keep on track, something I haven’t been very good at in the past, but the pressure is on so time to get motivated!

02. Travel

Now I know this conflicts a little with the whole ‘Save Save Save’ objective, however traveling is still important and you need to treat yourself once in a while to keep yourself going. As we are living with parents, it will be nice to get away on our own from time to time. The saving for travel will be budgeted for, so I just need to rein my clothes spending in a little! ;-)

I’ve already got a few trips planned this year, New York being one of them, which I am so excited about already! It’s Paul’s 30th later in the year, so it’s a trip to mark the occasion and it’s somewhere that has been on the list for ages.

03. Be More Organised

I would say I’m usually pretty organised, but I feel like I neglected this space a little at the end of last year, so I want to get motivated and plan my content to make Almost Apricot better and better. I really enjoy updating this little corner of mine and so with my new 2016 diary, I will be making sure I’ve always got a few things planned.

04. Morning Routine

A good morning routine was a resolution from last year too, which I didn’t really achieve as hitting snooze became a habit I couldn’t seem to break. Being a week in to commuting to work from further out, my morning routine has considerably changed already. Having to catch a train at 7.41am means I need to get up at a certain time every day to get out on time, which has proved easier than I thought (especially when I have Dolly sitting on my head just before my alarm is about to go off!).

I’d still like it to be better, maybe get up that little bit earlier and have a cup of tea or hot water and lemon, but I’m already a lot calmer knowing I’m getting up at the right time and not being late. (However I’m not talking about the huge need for coffee as soon as I get to work!)

05. Be Healthy

Since it’s the New Year, all I seem to be reading about online is detoxing and juice cleanses (hence the hot water and lemon suggestion). I would say everything in moderation, but I know that my caramel latte a day addiction probably needs to be counter balanced by a bit more movement and healthier eating. So my goal is to not grab that sandwich and crisps combo for lunch every day, but be a bit more mindful about what I’m eating and try and do some more walking and maybe swimming as I just seem to be totally averse to the gym.

Now I just need to keep motivated so any tips or tricks that you’ve found useful would be good to know! What have you set yourself for the year?


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    January 17, 2016 at 4:18 pm

    Many of these sound similar to my goals! Saving and Travel are friends in my book. In order for me to travel I have to save, but I also save many time, so that I can travel. If you spend your entire life saving and not exploring, it would be sad. Good goals!

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